Spacious Storage for Your Boats and Other Marina Services

We are a family-owned and operated business that has been thriving since 1979. Our Boat Yard is just what you need to complete any size project: big or small. We offer a powerful 75 MT Travelift for hauling vessels, and our 22′ wide boat slip gives us plenty of room to work. 

In addition, Heritage Boat Yard is one of the last true SELF-SERVICE boat yards left in South Florida. So, whether you plan to do it yourself or need a helping hand, Heritage Boat Yard is the right place for you!
We offer a full range of marina services, as well as the convenience of an on-site, fully stocked marine store, mechanic shop, and our in-house welder. Looking for a place to store your boat? Look no further. Heritage Boat Yard offers Seasonal and Working storage for vessels up to 105′. We can provide Dockage for vessels up to 105′. Car and truck storage is also available for seasonal customers. And, of course, ease of access is wonderful. You can follow marked deep water channels from Ft. Pierce Inlet (just a few miles away) right to our docks.